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Wedding Opal Necklace • Bridal Jewelry

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This opal necklace is among our most popular pieces. Three precious opal gemstones are perfectly positioned along a hypoallergenic gold filled or solid sterling silver chain. These ethically sourced lab opals are available in classic white, as well as blue and pink and perfectly catch the light and shine with the highest quality clarity and color flashes.

Our beautiful opal necklace is made with genuine gold filled and sterling silver beading chain that does not tangle. The quality and characteristics of this beautiful chain make this necklace one of our most popuar pieces. This necklace is available in a choker length as well as offered as a complete set with a matching bracelet and earrings.

Our opal necklace set makes a perfect wedding or bridesmaid gift. This necklace can also be worn with an elegant night out look or even to elevate a classic daytime or business outfit. This piece is even more stunning in person and we love to see how our customers style it. 


✦ 14K Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Filled

✦ (3) Blue, White or Pink Opals (3mm)

✦ Necklace is shown at 18" in photo #2 in gold and 16" in photo #1 in Sterling Silver

Natural Opals: In its natural form, opal consists of closely packed aggregate spheres of silica, and water in varying amounts up to 15%. These spheres are arranged in a series of layers allowing light to pass through, defracting at specific points creating the play of colors that attracts us to these gemstones. The larger the spheres, the more vibrant the colors produced. Referred to as “common opals”, are those which lack the colored sparkle of the “precious opals“, though both are used in jewelry. Lab Created Opals have found their rightful place in the World Gem Market.
Synthetic Opal: is created in a Lab, but its chemical, optical, and physical properties are identical to that of a naturally occurring opal. Simulated Opal: is also created in a Lab, and is optically identical to natural Opal, but does not have the same physical and chemical characteristics. ALL varieties are quite beautiful! The simulated/synthetics are much hardier than their naturally occurring cousins, and are not as sensitive to temperature change, drying out, or cracking. They can be, however, as expensive as the natural Opal, due to the long growing process (up to 2 years!). So, unless you are buying for investment purposes, find the stone you LOVE, and don’t worry too much about the "how" of its creation. Enjoy it simply for the pleasure it brings!